I’ve gotten so good at sweeping my worries under my skin that sometimes it actually works and I forget about them.

After a while I stop sleeping, my gut twists itself out of shape permanently, I get headaches or my back curls over my heart. You can tell I am carrying the weight of MY world on my shoulders all alone, again.

When I do remember the thing or things I was/am worried about I move instantly into a panic attack. My heart races. My stomach lurches. I breath quickly. I feel ready to burst into tears the fear is so big.

What to do? or rather, What’s the right thing to do.

  • Think
  • Breath
  • List the worries
  • and then List the details of each worry
  • look at the list
  • which ones are probable, which are possible, which are a reasonable fear
  • which isn’t

Now, take a look at your list. The fears or worries you have are legitimate so create an action plan to deal with these worries

The worries that are out of your control, let go of. If you focus on taking care of that which you can, the rest will be taken care of.

Finally, the worries that are left off both lists–those are the interesting ones. Give yourself enough time to learn from these fears and worries.

Don’t worry about the time. These fears aren’t going anywhere.