March 7, 2012

I love to tell stories.

In fact, that’s how I relate best with people. Stories about people I meet and what they said and how they said it and what it all means.

Telling a story about something that happened at the post office this morning can start something big. My husband will tell me a story about one of the people I mention and end up tracing their family history. Then he remembers hearing a similar tale about a neighbor.

Eventually I might get back to my point, and sometimes that’s important. Very important.

Finding my voice and feeling comfortable with expressing myself easily hasn’t come easily to me. Being able to persist calmly until I get heard is a new experience for me.

And this new found confidence has led me to less talk.

I am more quiet around people. I listen more. I am relaxed and calmer.

I am finding people more interesting.

Now that is interesting to me.


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