2011 NaNoWriMo Begins Softly This Year

November 1, 2011

Instead of hitting the ground writing at 12:01am Nov. 1 I went to bed. Setting my alarm for 5:30am was my game plan, but as usual, my body requires sleep to maintain my fragile health, so I gave in to moderation.

Restrictions and structure, my mother used to say, fosters creativity. So..I’m fostering.

Opening My Eyes

A mid-twenties urban woman marries a dairy farmer. While becoming a farmer’s wife and farmer she also becomes a mother. Then she learns her husband has PTSD and is an alcoholic; through this she discovers strengths she couldn’t have imagined. This is a coming of age story of an adult woman who also has to deal with the long term affects of the VietNam war on her relationships, her children and her life’s path.

I’ve got more notes to myself and ideas swirling in my head, but my goal for today is to write the opening scenes, setting the ordinary world down, setting the scene, setting up my MC‘s for the BAM! that’s coming.

I think, for now, that the vague outline needs a clear timeline to keep me on the path to the end. I’m also keeping a journal in general and many of the issues of writing are in there. I want to put them in this record, too, for myself mostly. I look at this blog this year as a place to keep everything. Notes. Worries. Ideas. Frustrations. All of that stuff. And my WIP as it goes.

I’m off to fuel myself and then, this comes first before all the other money making practical jobs I have to do. I’ll post everything I write here, each day.


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