Fearless Fossil

January 3, 2011

Not that I’m that old, but I am that fearful/fearless.  In fact the fear of_fill in the blank_ stops me from doing the easiest things.

Fear seems everywhere, controlling every move.

Procrastination.  What causes it?  I think fear of, not failure, but the unknown.  Our personal unknown.  We not only don’t know ourselves, we have little faith in ourselves. We are not born fearful  How does it happen?  When?

The joy of spontaneous action, the non-thinking move, is that certainty of ‘rightness’.  Whether I jump into action, I’ve stopped thinking about myself.  I’ve begun to see the problem, or the person, or the need, and I want to help. The question of rightness doesn’t stop me, dead in my tracks.

The other day I read a blog and fear was the over-riding topic.  Why don’t I write?  I’m afraid. Why can’t I lose weight?  I’m afraid I won’t be able to.  Why don’t I trust myself?  Fear.

So,  how does this happen?  I remember times in my little girl years when I was fearless.  Me jumping off the roof of the old shed in the back yard.  My 8 year old self sailing into the middle of Eagle Harbor with my 7 year old brother to an island 3 miles away..as though I could do it.

I was fearless because I was young and foolish. Does that mean we are all doomed to become fearful, cautious, mature, adult when we age and learn consequences?

How do we explain those people who seem fearless, strong, bold and courageous.  Genes? Parenting.  Can we learn to act in spite of fear?  What fear is useful and what is stifling.

For me, the dreams of writing books and creating art and strangely enough bookkeeping, is killed daily by fear.  My fear.  I can tell you what color it is.  I know its shape.  Where it resides in my body. It’s size.

I want to be free of this fear.  I want to learn all about this, and share what I learn. I want to help others have more fun…

Fun is my passion and leaving fear behind will let me have more fun.


2 Responses to “Fearless Fossil”

  1. I do like this Fear Project of yours! When I was young, I laughed in the face of fear. Now that I’m old, fear seems to always be there. Yuck. I can’t stand fear. I’m looking forward to hearing about what you learn.

  2. ellisonbaypottery Says:

    Hi Simone,
    Thanks for your visit and comment. I’m also interested in your experiences and triumphs over fear. Would you care to share?

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